Isle of Man National Anthem English Translation

Isle of Man
ELLAN VANNIN (the unoffical Manx National Anthem)

When the summer day is over and its busy cares have flown,
I sit beneath the starliight with a weary heart alone:
Then rises like a vision, sparling brigh in nature’s glee,
My own dear Ellan Vannin with its green hills by the sea.

Then I hear the wavelets murmur as they kiss the fairy shore,
Then beneath the emerald waters sings the mermaid as of yore.
And the fair Isle shines with beauty as in youth it daned on me-
My own dear Ellan Vannin with its green hills by the sea

Then memories sweet and tender come like music’s plaintive flow
Of the hearts in Ellan Vannin that loved me long ago;
And I give, with tears and blessings, my fondest thoughts to thee,
My own dear Ellan Vannin with its green hills by the sea.


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Dear Ellan Vannin, the gem of the sea,
Often I’m thinking and longing for thee.
No place so lovely or so dear to me
As dear Ellan vannin, the gem of the sea.

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When in a strange land, so far, far from thee,
Strangers around me – not one friend I see;
I feel so lonely but bright thoughts of thee
Cheer me, my dear Homeland, the gem of the sea.

Father and Mother, and relatives dear.
Friends of my childhood, true friends far and near;
Sweet are the memories these thoughts bring to me,
Of your sons and daughters, you gem of the sea.

Skies that are bluest and meadows so green,
Hills crowned with heather, sweet valley between;
These are the visions that oft come to me
of thee, Ellan Vannin, the gem of the sea.

When shall I see you, oh dear Isle so blessed?
Roam in your meadows and lie down to rest?
Land of my childhood, my sweet Ben-my-Chree,
I miss you, I love you, you gem of the sea.

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