P Square feat Rick Ross – Beautiful Onyinye lyrics

nimo bimo, obimo
I was feeling so sad
Because I was all alone was so bad so bad
And there she goes there she goes
She touched my heart and said ebeniza nozugo oh oh
Eh, was so glad the way she keeps me smiling
It brings me joy she proves this loving is real
Within my heart there’s nobody else
Baby give me your hand give me your hand
Let me take you away

Mommy meh eh eh eh eh
Nne meh yeah see the girl I wan marry
No time to delay yeah eh eh
After all the things I’ve been through
I present my love to you
The girl I wan marry eh
The girl I wan marry eh
See the girl I wan carry eh
Na the girl I wan marry

Oruonanu nomume nomume
Omalicha nwa
What a beautiful onyinye nne yemaka gi
So you and I can fly away
Straight to the sky just you and I
Girl I no dey lie can’t you see
You were sent from above and you know
You’re my heart and my sweetness
Is this love? I don’t know
But I know what I’m feeling
Na God be my witness
You’re my princess

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