9ice feat Pasuma – Ati Jelo lyrics

Paso and 9ice

Ati jelo na o
E o le bawa
Ati jelo na o
E o le bawa

I’m grateful to God for his blessings
protect my ways from my enemies
Thank you lord for your holy name
Baba nla, oni se ara


VERSE 1 :: 9ice
This is me in full flesh
I’m blessed among the rest
no contest
Hence everything I do
Baba sign si hundred percent
Am a calling
Thats what they call me
from the beginning
suddenly you lift me up
now am living like a ruling king
Keep broadcasting your holy name
Kini mo le se ti n ma fi dupe ore
Ope l’ounje re
Iyin l’omi re
Ose ose
Oba nla
Ose ose
Mo tope da
Emi l’Adigun o
Omo ana
Emi l’Adigun o
Oba eni
Bi mo ba lo
Bi mo ba bo
Ma ko blessing l’oto
Ma ko dollar l’oto
Ma ko pounds l’oto

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VERSE 2 :: Pasuma Wonder
Its me oh Pasuma
I’m cruising round town
Mo ti hammer
on the streets, mo ma n show logo
Se be ti mo pe arabambi lo leko
Thank you God, E seun baba
Awa na re, aa ju bayi lo
Eni ta ro pe kole pago
To se bee, to ko le alariwo
Pasuma Wonder pelu 9ice
two of us, twice as nice
omo ma ro, o de si n lo
Awa mejeji, a se pronaco
Oluwa lo se bee
Oun Oluwa ba se, Paso Kunle o
Keda kan ma tu wo rara o
Paso pelu 9ice o
Seri pe o yato
Seri pe o dun gan o
Seri pe o dun gan
Seri pe o yato Paso

REPEAT CHORUS (till fade)

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