Adsense Refused to pay You? See 8 Reasons Why Google Adsense Do Not Pay Several Bloggers

Adsense Refused to pay You? See 8 Reasons Why Google Adsense Do Not Pay Several Bloggers

Before we begin composing this article, I would need to assert to you on something. 

“Google Adsense may not pay you exceptionally well as a distributer and it is a direct result of your blame and ethically your blame” 

Care to know why I said its your blame? 

Read on, you could discover. 

Despite how obvious the affirmation about google Adsense being the prime and most straightforward wellspring of income for bloggers, regardless it don’t pay a few different bloggers a decent sum. 

Considering our past article on which site specialty pays google Adsense distributers best, it is viewed as one reason why google Adsense don’t pay a few bloggers well. 

I comprehend that it is a hard inclination realizing that a similar google Adsense that made your partner a monetarily free man is a similar google Adsense that declined to pay you. 

This is here and there caused by site specialties where a few specialties pay Adsense distributers less for CPC while a larger piece of it is caused by a few different reasons. 

Today we might take a gander at why google Adsense don’t pay a few Nigerian bloggers. 

Note: Here, we compose our articles in view of our perusers curiousity and curious thinking, this is the reason we looked to answer some blogging questions you could have. 

I know you’re here for the undeniable so how about we essentially plunge into our explanation behind this article. 

Why google Adsense don’t pays a few Nigerian bloggers

Sourcing non-targeted visitors

I know you more likely than not seen some Nigerian bloggers gripe of producing a few a great many guests to their sites and can guarantee for next to zero ticks on their site promotions. 

Have you seen such previously? 

I have seen it. This is essentially caused by non-focused on guests. As we composed before in our past article, acquiring non-focused on guests to your site can cut down your Adsense CPC. 

Still on a similar issue of non-focused on guests, they tend not to get intrigued by your advertisements and if by any shot they began to tap on the promotions, because of absence of intrigue, you could endure a low CPC on advertisements. 

Sourcing activity significantly from Facebook 

Facebook for the most part is accepted to cause a low CPC on Adsense advertisements thus does other online networking activity yet this is a specifity to Facebook. 

So far I have known and seen, a few Nigerian bloggers do utilize the administrations of Facebook pages, gatherings, discussions and furthermore Facebook promotions to acquire movement to their sites. 

Interesting thing with particularly Facebook advertisements is this… 

“You will see your guests and furthermore the promotions clicks yet you will never observe a decent CPC and toward the end you will wind up making pennies or a couple of dollars in an entire day”. 

Utilizing Facebook as your prime wellspring of movement is one of the few reasons why Nigerian bloggers don’t make it blogging. 

Not disapproving of Web optimization and web index activity 

I assume you realize that what activity source google adores most is movement from web crawlers? 

Google cherishes and positions better activity originating from web indexes and also google pays better for clicks which originates from movement produced via web crawler. 

This is the essential motivation behind why bloggers whose activity originates from fundamentally web crawlers have more noteworthy effectiveness of improving wage than those whose movement originates from social medias. 

Disregarding google Adsense situation heatmaps 

When we say Nigerian bloggers disregard google Adsense arrangement heatmaps we intend to state that they permit position of advertisements on the wrong sides of their site that won’t bring wanted snaps and impressions. 

Fundamentally, to profit with google Adsense, we should comprehend what are the vital positions your promotions must go keeping in mind the end goal to drive the best transformations from your guests. 

We have three key positions for advertisements arrangements in particular: 

. Top bar advertisements 

. Inside post advertisements 

. Sidebar advertisements 

These advertisements function admirably when the right sizes are picked and furthermore when set where they ought to show up for better perusers impressions. 

Note: we should compose completely on this in our next article. 

Not thinking about your web guests 

Regularly, I would exclude this point here however there is a reason I did. 

This is on the grounds that knowing your guests and how they come into your site completes a great deal of work in your capability to acquire with google Adsense. 

A few Nigerian web guests utilize cell phones and outside guests utilize for the most part PC. 

In the event that your guests are originating from Nigeria, I assume you utilize less of sidebar promotions BC they may happen not to see them and utilize quite a bit of inside post advertisements and header promotions in unmistakable regions. 

Then again, if your guests are from USA, UK, Germany and other level A nations, I beseech you to utilize sidebar advertisements 300¤600 as it is best observed by guests utilizing PC to peruse. 

Blocking an excessive number of advertisements from showing on your site 

Allowing an excessive number of advertisements to be shown on your site gives space for promotions which are not identified with your specialty and furthermore the low paying promotions to get their way into your promotions spots yet in any case, closing off an excessive number of promotions from appearing on your site likewise cuts down CPC and makes winning all the more hard. 

This is on the grounds that when you obstructed a few promotions from showing on your site, you specifically decrease the advertisements rivalry in this manner enabling a solitary advertisements to seem a few times in your advertisements spot and pay you a similar sum each time it gets clicked. 

Focusing on low Adsense CPC paying nations 

I assume you have constantly found out about this part concerning which nation pays Adsense distributers the most. 

A few bloggers focus on the low Adsense CPC paying nations and in that capacity they can never produce a helpful or important income from google Adsense. 

I exceedingly prescribe you utilize to source guests from level A nations and get better salary through Adsense CPC program. 

Mentality of Nigerian bloggers 

Have you at any point encountered that when you ask a few bloggers what number of site visits do you have day by day? 

They answer thousands. 

Reason: outlook. 

Why I said outlook is on the grounds that few of these bloggers are blogging in the stage which has an alternate method for checking its movement other than the wordpress. 

At that point some wordpress clients additionally say they have a great many guests every day and it is because of their mentality. 

Since these answers are a similar then the greater inquiry of “how much so you make day by day comes in”. 

They all answer, couple of pennies or a few dollars. 

Presently how about we take a gander at why this is so. 

As a blogger or a wordpress blogger, please take note of that your site will and should record bot, programming and furthermore web crawler standard check movement and this is the reason you appear to have a great many watchers and no great salary. 

In case you’re a wordpress client and you’re taking your guests insights utilizing across the board Website optimization, you’re committing an error since it works as movement measurements counter. 

It is better exhorted you utilize JETPACK as a wordpress client as it demonstrates the genuine guests insights after some time and the pursuit terms identified with your site. 

This is the reason I said mentality as one reason why google Adsense don’t pay Nigerian bloggers well. 

Wrap up 

Getting paid exceptionally well as a google Adsense distributer calls for more than what we simply know and find in the blogosphere. 

It fundamentally involves individual discoveries, studies and experimentations with your own site and you will discover what works best and how. 

I have been gaining penny from Adsense throughout the years as a blogger till I began to grasp learning and applying the procedures I read about, not untill then my Adsense income was as yet poor. 

Gladly I could state I have fabricated a site that makes over £300 month to month utilizing all of the points of interest I have constantly imparted to my perusers.

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