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I can’t breathe again
Demand seasoning
The man’s reaching
I’m so cold like Pam and Gina
Yo, Angelina Jolie can fulfill my fantasy
And then I plant my seed and then
Stay and leave it in
And either win
Her man creepin’ in
I say “Fam, leave again” while my hand see his chin
Goddamn seek revenge
And her man
[?] to win
I guess ants in my pants
Got a tan wheat, the Timbs
She gon’ blow the King like Lance Stephenson
Fam speak again
Nah, it can’t be the end
Even my nigga Marcus said I can’t your friend
Get it? Marcus Camby can’t be your friend
And it’s a double dare like Bamby with twins
Jimmy Fox Show, oh, you fancy with them
Fly so much I’m like “Are we landing again?”
Plan the agenda
Man we Avengers
And we defend from the land of the sinners
And we them niggas
With the E-R of course
Got my feet off the porch
I’ma need all the horse

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[?] deport
Ain’t gon’ leave y’all the torch
Ain’t gon’ see y’all in court
I’ma pee on your fort
I could eat off the floor
You would pee on the dork
Sellin’ weed off a sport
Killin’ seed, all abort
Jay and Be gone, divorce
Jokes on me of course
Throw me the award
Frontin’ like you been fuckin’ with this
You Isaiah Thomas with’ the Cavs, just gettin’ hip
Which rapper should I snuff?
Say “Wassup”
Should I diss?
No MCs in Atlanta that’s come up with the list
Got CyHi, Quentin Miller, Translee
Scotty ATL, EarthGang, J.I.D

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[?], Nick Grant, and Money Makin Neek
And yeah, let’s save the best for last, it’s, uh, me
Who wanna battle for the bread and the bag against me?
Who got Birdman to wire that cash? That’s right, me
I’m back at it, y’all
This rap’s Barry Bonds
I might run up on Tuma for RapCaviar
Just kidding, just kidding
Tuma my nigga
Deadline, nigga
It’s over

Salt Bay on ’em, Salt Bat on ’em

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