Driving Sports Car Is More Enjoyable Than Kissing & Watching Football – Ford Says

We experience a range of emotions, including road rage, fatigue and even excitement when driving a car. Now, Ford has developed a car that can read these emotions, and display them on the vehicle.
Working with Designworks, Ford created the Buzz Car, a customised Ford Focus RS incorporating wearable and artificial intelligence technology. The driver wears two sensors on the wrists, one that monitors heart rate, and the other which measures the skin response.
Every time the sensors detect a buzz moment’ i.e when the driver is excited and their heart rate increases, a dazzling light display appears across both the interior and exterior of the car.

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According to their results, driving sports car gives a 2.1 high-intensity buzz moments, which is more emotional than cheering your favorite football team, watching a “Game of Thrones” episode, and even a passionate kiss with a loved one. Ford says only riding a roller coaster with its occasional highs delivers more buzz moments.
For a comparison, they experienced an average of 3 buzz moments on a roller coaster, 1.7 during a shopping trip, 1.5 during each “Game of Thrones” episode,1.5 during Football Game, and none at all while dancing, having a fine dinner, or sharing a passionate kiss.
Ford says the technology will be calibrated to help drive safely in the future by displaying messages to other drivers. If you’re feeling stressed, the car will bring soft lighting and soothing music, and if you’re in danger of nodding off, it’ll wake you up or take control for you before you have an accident.
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