How To Free Your Website From DMCA takedown

What is DMCA?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a controversial United States digital rights management ( DRM ) law enacted October 28, 1998 by then-President Bill Clinton. The intent behind DMCA was to create an updated version of copyright laws to deal with the special challenges of regulating digital material.

How DMCA Works

The DMCA Takedown Notice provides a mechanism for copyright holders to request an Internet Service Provider (ISP), search engine, host or other type of site-owner/manager to remove material that is infringing their copyright. Unlike other aspects of copyright laws, the DMCA Takedown process does not require you to have a registered copyright. That’s very important to know, because some people may say you do. Before you send a DMCA Takedown Notice you need to establish a few things:
(1) You own the copyright or have the right to assert infringement of a copyright you license. If you do not own the copyright or have a legal right to assert a claim of copyright infringement, you’re wasting your time.

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(2) The alleged infringement is not covered by an exception such as Fair Use or free speech laws. While you don’t have to know every aspect of Fair Use exceptions, you do have to have a “good faith” belief that the alleged infringing use is not covered by any law which would permit its use.
(3) The content is capable of being infringed online. That mean the work must be something in digital form. Here are some examples:
  • Text (TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCx, PDF, PPT, PAGES, etc.)
  • Images, pictures & photos (BMP, EPS, SVG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, RAW, TIFF, etc.)
  • Video (MPG, AVI, RM, MOV, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer)
  • Music & audio (AIF, AU, MP3, MP4, MID, WAV, etc. )
  • Images found on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr
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How To Free Your Websites From DMCA

  • Some Web Hosting Can Never be disturbed by DMCA this type of web hosting is called Offshore hosting providers.  you can get this type of web hosting from Russian, Indonesia, Korean Websites.
  • Activate Whois Guard on your domain, It will be difficult for  DMCA to get your Details
  • If You Use Website/Blog Builders Like Blogger and Wapka I think You are a bit Free From DMCA Takedown Alert If You Can Read These Article 
  • Avoid Updating Foreign Materials On Your Website because they are always object to Takedown

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