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Get Buck Lyrics by Young Buck

[Intro] Yeah, get em Buck[Verse 1] I’m reloaded, my bankroll swole and a nigga can’t fold it
I got em like hey, got em rolling
The kush on the way, and the champagne frozen
Watch me do my thang, I got these hoes open
I’m riding Presidential, like the shit that I’m smoking
Water whip the work, Patrón on my shirt
And a zip ain’t shit, I need a quarter P of Purp
Gon break it down, pass it all around
I can serve Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
Them dope boys in this bitch like, let me buy that
Broke niggas in this bitch like, let me try that
I need a beat in the bitch, let me call Polow
Mr. Tennakey I still get em for the low though
Shawty light up the dro, I ain’t ready to go
Can’t ban me from the radio or fuck up my show, you know[Hook] Haters trying to ban a nigga mayne
I bounce back watch me do my thang
I got my Chevy hogging up the lane
I’m a boss, I can make it rain
Now get buck bitch
Get buck bitch, get buck bitch[Verse 2] Let’s play the game I’m the quarterback, don’t stop homey
I go to jail if I get sacked, so block for me
Eightball in my corner pocket, it’s on and popping
Got the whole club leaning with it, and party rocking
Drunk driving in my cut dawg, I got my truck parked
’72 Tennessee Titan, like what up y’all
I’m home boy, holla at your homeboy
Better come quick, once I get it then it’s gone, boy
First come first serve, fuck what you heard
I’m piecing out my pack till I come up on a bird
Blow the smoke out my nose, pimping on these hoes
They know me at the bank love me at the jewelry stores
I play it how it goes, the butterfly doors
On them old school vogues with the chrome on the toes
These fuck niggas know, that I will let it go
I bet he got a vest
No but I got my tech though[Hook] [Outro] Yeah you know what it is
How we do the damn thing down here
Nigga what you working with
Yeah, hey my nigga now don’t be in the club
Throwing your rent money, be broke in the morning
Have us laughing at ya broke ass, yeah where my dope boys at
Yeah, shawty I see you
Now pick up that goddamn money, hey let’s go

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