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Those who already know her describe her as a firebrand uniquely
anointed handmaiden with an extraordinary mandate. Some describe her as a
diva cum fashionista. Others describe her as a role model for African
female t:Gospel artists. For those who do not know her, you are in for a
pleasant surprise and a breathe of fresh air. What sets Isabella apart
from the crowd is her multi-faceted ministry. She refuses to be boxed
into a certain genre of music. Whatever genre she does, she does it with
grace and in style. Not only is she a multi-award winner, she is also
the author of “The Worshiper After the Father’s Heart”, a profoundly
insightful book for those seeking a dynamic worship lifestyle. Her book
was foreworded by the legendary worship leader and singer/songwriter,
Terry MacAlmon.
As well as being an in-demand Psalmist, Isabella
is also a pastor and a public speaker. Her intense passion for God and
people is clearly evident in her ministry. Her warm, authentic and
likeable personality, coupled with her distinct ministry, has won
people’s hearts and endeared her to supporters across racial, cultural,
denominational and generational boundaries. Isabella has ministered in
song and in the Word in churches and major platforms across Europe,
America and Africa.
Isabella released her fifth studio recorded
album, All That I am in March 2014. All That I am is a collection of
twelve divine, anointed contemporary worship songs. The depth of
Isabella’s latest independent project is truly establishing her on the
musical map internationally as a force to be reckoned with.
Isabella’s dis­tinc­tive songs have earned her mul­ti­ple awards, in­clud­ing:

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  • July 2014 – Best Female t:Artist in Diaspora (Crystal Awards 2014)
  • December 2013 – Best Female Artist in Diaspora (Nigeria Gospel Music Awards 2013)
  • July 2013 – Artist of The Year, Europe (Africa Gospel Music Awards 2013)
  • June 2013 – Woman of Praise Awards UK 2013
  • December 2012 – Best Female Artiste in Diaspora (Nigeria Gospel Music Awards 2012)
  • Outstanding contribution to Worship Music (Praisetek Gospel Music Award 2012)

Isabella has been nominated for many other awards.
genuine heart of worship fuels her pas­sion for ser­vice and her
de­sire to equip the Body of t:Christ with the nec­es­sary tools to
un­der­stand, de­velop and ex­pe­ri­ence God-cen­tred and God-di­rected
wor­ship. Is­abella is the founder of ‘The Wor­ship­per’© wor­ship
sem­i­nars, through which she men­tors, coaches, teaches about wor­ship
to churches, wor­ship teams, choirs and other groups at no cost. She is
also the Founding President of Women of African Origin in Music Ministry
(WAOMM), which is a global non-profit making organisation geared
towards supporting, encouraging and empowering women of African origin
in fulfilling their calling in the music ministry.
To book Isabella to minister at your church, events or conferences:
E-mail Isabella: [email protected]
Like Isabella on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/OfficialIsabellaMelodies
Follow Isabella on Twitter: www.twitter.com/isabellamelodie
Visit Isabella’s website: www.isabellamelodies.com

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