Web Hosting Scams – What Some Web Hosting Providers Aren’t Telling You

It’s hard to separate fact from fiction in
advertising, and certainly no less so when dealing with web hosting
providers. Bold, broad-sweeping claims are endlessly repeated in a
shameless effort to keep you from reading the fine print. In an age
where it seems there are almost as many web hosting providers as there
are websites to be hosted, competition is fierce, and competing web
hosting providers will say almost anything to get you to sign up with
That’s why you need to know what to look for, how to
read between the lines, so that you don’t fall victim to any of the
most common scams that plague the internet in the guise of
once-in-a-lifetime offers you absolutely can’t refuse.
Free Web Space: Yes, some web hosting providers will
give you 5 or 10 MB of web space for no charge, however (and we know
you’ve heard this phrase before…) certain restrictions apply. Make sure
you know what they are.
Unlimited Bandwidth: There’s no such thing, plain and
simple. The web hosting providers themselves have limitations imposed on
their bandwidth; how can they offer you any more than that? They
When web hosting providers offer “unlimited” bandwidth
it means they’ve estimated how much usage their average customer could
ever possibly need, thereby giving the illusion of unlimited bandwidth.
Free Domain Names: Sure, they’re free, but so’s dirt.
You want some free dirt? We didn’t think so. Free domain names are
about as valuable. First of all, they look something like this:
www. webhostingprovidersname.com/user/usersname.html (or some equally excruciating variation thereof).
Now, consider this:
First, most internet surfers are wise to these types
of URLs; people know that companies with domain names like these are not
usually the most well-established or reputable businesses online.
Second, the more slashes your URL contains, the lower your page rank.
And third, no one will remember the name of your website!
These are just a few of the reasons why free domain names aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
Domain Registration: Now, this by itself is no scam;
to the contrary, it’s a useful and convenient feature many web hosting
providers offer. Some, however, will actually register your domain in
their name. This way, they locked you into service with them as
switching web hosting providers now means losing your domain name.
Web Templates: Don’t mistake us, web templates are
great. How else can the average computer user whip out a website that
looks halfway decent without spending a fortune? But what web hosting
providers don’t tell you about these templates could end up costing you
Any images or page designs or web forms or any other
objects that originated from your web hosting providers database belongs
to them. They own the copyright. If you ever switch web hosting
providers, you can’t take any of it with you.
Not to mention, if you ever decide to hire a
professional webmaster, many will refuse to work with template-driven
websites, as they’re (ironically) harder to manage.
No Contact Information: If you can’t find on their
website at least one way – email address, query ticket, phone number,
mailing address – to get in touch with the web hosting providers you’re
considering, stop considering them. 
Discounts for Long Term Contracts: Before falling prey
to this alluring gimmick, ask yourself, even if your website lasts as
long as your contract, are you sure your web host will? Web hosting
providers (like websites) are born and die every day, and they know it.
That’s why most of them include somewhere in their Terms of Service that
they won’t be held liable if they can’t fulfill their end of the
So, if they go under, so does your website. And if you
go under first, say goodbye to the money you paid for the long term
contract. Either way, it’s no bargain. Stick with a year or two at most.

No Guarantees: Whether for web hosting providers
or wetsuit manufacturers or weight loss programs, they’ve got to have a
money-back guarantee. These days, it’s essential. And there’s zero
reason you should ever pay for a product or service that doesn’t offer
some form of money back guarantee or another. Really, now.

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