About Jhybo (Music Artist Biography) Songs, Net Worth

rising Yoruba and English lyricist, JHYBO is one act that has been
rocking our screens and stage in Lagos to London cum Malaysia.

caught up with him over the week and he was delighted to speak to us on
where he is coming from and how he intends to tackle the challenges
ahead of him in the industry. Born Ajibola Toriola, he also unveiled
that he has never think of been another Dagrin and would never be.

Can we meet you?

My real names are Jibola Toriola. I was born and brought up in Lagos. They call me I JHYBO, a.k.a “Be na ni”, the rapper.

You are the fastest rising rapper presently. But really why rap?

is a gift. I can not really tell because it is something I can just do
easily. The music generally, I think I can just do. I can do other type
of music but basically, it is rap for now.

I am sure you want to talk about the schools you attended?

I went to school from the primary state to the secondary state. I went
to the higher institution where I studied mass communication from the
Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta. Primary school, I
attended holy
cross Catholic school on the Island. Secondary school, Boys Academy on
the Island as well. I am currently in service.

Where are your parents?

They are both in Lagos. They both chase me to school all the time. But now, the story has changed.
But would you say that has shaped anything about you?
that is what education is meant to do. It will shape you, it will make
you comfortable and will put you in a place that people will respect you
and it will be much easier for you to flow in any area. It really
helped me in writing, in reasoning and composing myself. It has
really helped.

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When did you start rapping?

started as early as ten. But I have just been working on myself all
these years. If you give birth to a child, it will first crawl before he
or she will walk. I have just gone through that process and this is
what I have turned onto.

When you started at Ten, I am sure this type of rap you do now was not in vogue.
Than how were you preparing for it as at then?
never knew it will come this way. When I started rap, the second year I
started rapping in Yoruba. I could remember when I was on Lagos Island,
because I grew up there. I started with Yoruba, just slanging and
talking on stage and people will be shouting, throwing money at me and
all that.
But really did you envisage that it will be like this?

Yes, I never did. I still rap in English but I do more Yoruba at that time. I do the two together.

What part of the Lagos Island did you grew up?
I grew up on Campus Street around Bangboshe, Tinubu, down. That‘s were I grew up and was born.
area of Lagos Island at that time was well known for so many terrible
things, gangsters and solider harassment and all that. How
would you describe growing up at that time?