How to Apply For Guinness World Records


Self-service application

Are you an
individual, know which record you want to apply for, or have a clear new
idea for a record? Do you understand the timeframes and the process?
Then the self-service option is for you! Apply online and fill in the
application form.
To make
your self-service application as seamless as possible, we strongly
advise you to read all of the application information sections on the
website before making your application, to save time and disappointment.

Download now (quick server)
The self-service application process enables you to search our database online and apply directly for a record attempt. Simply register or login,
find the record title you would like to apply for, fill in and submit
the form. If you cannot find the record you have applied for then click
‘apply for a new record title’.
your application is accepted, you will receive the guidelines for the
record you would like to attempt to enable you to start planning. All
the information you will need will be provided- from specific record
attempt criteria to the type of evidence you will be required to
You can then submit your record attempt by uploading the required evidence online, and your attempt will be reviewed.
existing record titles (those already in our records database) are free
of charge through the standard application process. If you want to
apply for a new record title (something that you cannot find in our
database), a non-refundable administration fee of £5/$5 (plus VAT)
you have submitted an application, it can take up to 12 weeks to be
reviewed and for us to come back to you with next steps. Alternatively
you can choose the Priority Application Service
you have uploaded your attempt evidence, it can take up to another 12
weeks to review the evidence. Alternatively you can choose to use our Priority Evidence Review.
*Please note: Sometimes the 12 weeks waiting time is extended during high demand.  Please refer to our to our current waiting times for the most up to date information.
Guided Application
If you require a more tailored, hands on application, then you can choose a guided application. Our consultancy services
give businesses and organisations a variety of options to help you with
your record attempt from start to finish, covering everything from
record consultancy and creative campaigns to unforgettable live events
with adjudicators. Read More…

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