See 6 Valid Tips To Secure Your Social Media Account

Social media is now an essential part of business and our daily lives.
Thus, making it critical that you keep your accounts safe. You can only
imagine the damage that will be done if someone gained unauthorised
access to your accounts. It can ruin your reputation depending on the
content of your account that is exposed to the public. These tips shared
by me  should help in keeping your social media accounts safe and

Activate two-factor authentication

easiest and most effective way to secure your social media account is
two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication locks out
illegitimate users by requiring them to input a verification code sent
directly to their mobile phone through SMS text message once they login
with the correct username and password combination.

Verify with links

method to secure your social media accounts it to verify and be careful
of what links you click on. Many links on Facebook, Twitter and
Instagram direct to legitimate news sources, but there have been
numerous incidents when this is not the case.

Use a strong password

point has been over flogged but some people do not still abide by it.
They use weak passwords for their social media accounts and at the same
time, they use that password for all their accounts. This is risky as
once the weak password is discovered, hackers can have access to all
your accounts. You can use a password manager like LastPass to keep
track of your passwords.

Use emails that are not public to login

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is an unknown tactic that very few individuals and businesses use. This
means logging in to your social network accounts with a non-public
email address, or an email that no one knows about.

Limit third-party applications

contributor to social media theft are third-party applications.
Limiting third-party applications that have access to your social media
accounts will leave them near impossible for hackers to gain
unauthorised access.

Be careful where you login

malicious attackers create almost identical login pages dedicated to
stealing social media credentials. Be careful where you choose to login,
always verify the URL and application before allowing any form of