YBN Nahmir – No Hook (feat. YBN Almighty Jay) Lyrics

[Intro: YBN Almighty Jay & YBN Nahmir] Gang
Woah woah woah woah
Gang gang
Bitch YBN shit
Bitch ay ay gang gang ay[Verse 1: YBN Almighty Jay] I’m chasing a bag, counting guap
While you niggas on some broke shit (bitch)
My brother stay strapped
Pop any nigga on that hoe shit (bra)
Internet shooters
Man these niggas ain’t gon blow shit (they ain’t gon blow shit)
And you ain’t my brother
So you can miss me with that bro shit[Verse 2: YBN Nahmir] Niggas say you flipping work
Then I’m on that kick a door shit (on that kick a door shit)
Take a nigga down get on that ground get on that floor bitch
Your Broski he a clown
Bro move around ‘fore you get domed bitch (bro move around, ay)
Had to cut him off
Cause niggas snitching on that hoe shit[Verse 3: YBN Almighty Jay] Ooh, I’m ’bout the cheese and the guap
Your bitch she a thot tryna take off her top (bitch)
Ooh, my brother just burnt out a lot
Had to go cop a foreign just to drop out the top
Ooh, I gotta watch for the opps put a drum in my Glock
That’s a whole hunnid shots
Ooh, niggas want beef with the gang
But the whole fucking time they be telling the cops[Verse 4: YBN Nahmir] I’m up in traffic know that my pistol be clapping
Run up you think that I’m lacking
Bitch I’m a savage I ain’t never run from shit
Bitch I be letting ’em have it
High off dope
No, I don’t fuck with them average
You niggas not ’bout that action
Slide down if a nigga want smoke
You should have known that I’m packing[Verse 5: YBN Almighty Jay] Ooh Bitch I be high like an addict
Balenciaga nigga copy the fashion
Shootin’ up shit like the navy
Illegal guns cause these hoes automatic
How you want smoke with the gang, but you stay put up
Nigga you don’t want static
Rented the Lamb for a week
Let Nahmir drive it and he almost crash it[Verse 6: YBN Nahmir] You niggas copy
You niggas dissin’ for fame
You niggas really be lame
Pop off
If I catch you then Jay rubbin’ off the paint
If I see you at that drive-thru I might have a nice day
Bitch this ain’t no Mickey D’s I turn your M into a K[Verse 7: YBN Almighty Jay] Bitch I’m the man, my diamonds they dance
Yo bitch on my dick like a fan
I feel like Tay K, I just did a race
Cause I had to run up the bands
My niggas real shooters so why would they fight
You know they not using no hands (nah)
Why niggas mad, cause I try to make it
That shit was just all in the plan[Verse 8: YBN Nahmir] We ain’t fuckin’ with no Ford, so I’m bringing out that Porsche
Bitch I’m probably in the Jeep and yet that bitch ain’t got no doors
Bitch I’m speeding in that Rari, know that label got a horse
Leather print up in that bitch, so yeah I’m slayin’ up them doors[Verse 9: YBN Almighty Jay] I’m not from the Chi but I’m throwin’ L’s
Cause niggas be lame than a bitch
Chasin’ a bag, not chasin’ a bitch
Blue hunnids like Lilo & Stitch
Don’t fuck with no niggas, just me and my brothers
Cause I know how quick niggas switch
He talkin’ that shit, two to three shells
Split that boy’s shit like a Twix[Verse 10: YBN Nahmir] When we pull up and hop out these niggas run (niggas run)
They be talkin’ like oh shit he got a gun
Know that K, it hold 50, it got a drum
Know that choppas got bullets size as a plum, ay[Outro: YBN Nahmir] Bitch you already know what it is
Nigga YBN shit. Nigga duck yo motherfucking taco bitch
YBN shit bitch. Huh
Sly bitch, ay
Bow Bow bitch, ay

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