Hodgy – Honesty Lyrics

I just want you to be truthful, lie

Since July you’ve been lying
You still lie, why you lie?
Is this life living a lie
It’s still life to me, still life

[?] I was down last night
([?] last night)[Verse] What got me down?
Life’s a dog, Snoopy Charlie Brown
Far from a bitch and when she bark it ain’t a humble sound
When I got your number, took a picture with you from a town
It’s [?] I be nodding off, I’m coming down
[?] I’m going up again
[?] Sinister [?] on them M&M’s
Feel better when her sweetness [?]

You don’t gotta lie
Even when you come down, come down, come down

You lie too many times
(Why you telling me these lies girl?)
The first you lied I bit your lie
([?] what you’re saying to me)
A habitual liar in my eyes you are
You still lie
This is real life

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[Verse] Contemplations and [?] kind of faking
These obligations I wrote a matrix [?] Overloaded patience my motivation
[?] taking over nations
Racing to a [?] vacancy
[?] legacy
Pegasus Ronald Reagan
Man basically saying
Seeing thoughts [?] [?] where it’s safe to say anything
Story telling telling stories
Wrote a book man tell it for me
1080 HD Maury
Lies and drama drama, find it boring


What’d I do last night?
(Damn I don’t even know what I do)
Where I went last night
(Where you go?)
Probably did something bad last night
I wake up in the morning like I messed up last night
(Making mistakes again)
And everything I did [?] inspired

Wanted to be truthful to you
(I just wanna tell the truth, baby)
Too immature and youthful
(Living life as a youth baby)
Slept on loving you, snooze you lose
(Sleeping and you lose, baby)
Toodles to you then you [?]

Made mistakes last night
Lower my standards
Raising the stakes last night
Searching for an answer

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