Bloodway – A Fragile Riddle Crypting Clues Lyrics

Who is coming in the darkness with me?
Who will drag the curtain after me?
The silence will break the space between these stars The fabric of clouds will still produce bars
You will bury me in a river of dead flowers My shadow will feed your ever fading hours I was never programmed to be a winner
I am free to go, but as the eternal beginner.
“I have no idea how long I have been locked in this prison. I have no memories from before.
I had no idea about what was outside.
I have just one cellmate and its name is Fear.
It helped me like a drug against temptation and curiosity. Since the first day, I remember I have been praying.
I was praying during cold night.
I was praying during daylight.
I was praying in twilight, but I was praying to myself.
As far as they told me, there was no god above me.
But one day my cellmate died and I had my first visit since I have been here. There were two messengers at the window that night.
They presented themselves as being the Infinity and the Endless Present and they made all these walls vanish in the blink of an eye.”

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