PicLens – stylish 3D picture browser for firefox

Firefox users cannot miss out on this great addon called PicLens or Cooliris. This addon made by Cooliris is a fullscreen 3D picture browser for many popular sites.
The addon installs a small ‘Launch PicLens’ button on the toolbar, when browsing pictures on supported sites the button gets highlighted. Clicking the button will open up a fullscreen window allowing to browse and search for pictures as seen below.
PicLens - stylish 3D picture browser for firefox     PicLens - stylish 3D picture browser for firefox

Currently PicLens supports searching pictures from GoogleAmazonYouTubeFlickrYahoodeviantARTPhotobucket, and smugmug. With YouTube you can watch and browse through videos too without the need to open a separate tab or window.
A new feature allows users to share photos with friends by email just by drag-n-drop.
The addon also supports browsing pictures from social networking sites such as Facebook‘s picture album. But the addon does not support browsing pictures in Orkut yet.

The latest PicLens version is 1.8.0 and can be downloaded from here. The addon is availabe for both windows and Mac users, with support for Internet Explorer too.

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