Firefox users are the most secure See Reasons

Firefox users are the most secure See Reasons
According to a research done by The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Google and IBM to analyze the web browser preference and behavior of its users found that Firefox users kept their browsers the most up-to-date and hence were the most secure.

The study found that less than 60% of people use up-to-date, fully patched Web browsers.
Firefox users were far and away the most likely to use the latest version, with more than 80% running an updated browser on any given day.
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer users ranked last in terms of safe browsing. Between January 2007 and June 2008, less than 50% of IE users were running the most secure browser version during the same time period.

One of the main reason for Firefox users to be more up-to-date is that it has an easy auto-update functionality when compared to other browsers like IE.

But IE still has a lead on the market share of browsers, the current market share of the browsers surveyed are as follows:
Internet Explorer – 1.1 billion users – 78.3%
Firefox – 227 million users – 16.1%
Safari – 48 million users – 3.4%
Opera – 11 million users – 0.8%
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