FireFox 3.5 release adds safe and faster browsing

Mozilla Firefox version 3.5 has been officially released after a number of beta’s and release candidates. The last stable release was 3.0.11.

The new version adds a new tool called “Private Browsing” which is the same as Google Chrome’s Incognito mode which basically does not leave any traces of your browsing history.
The new version is clearly much faster than the previous versions, I noticed immediately the startup times were faster when I launched the new firefox, previously it used to take more than 10 seconds and now its like around 5 seconds. And mozilla claims that it is more than two times faster than Firefox 3 and ten times faster than Firefox 2 on complex websites.

The first new thing I noticed was the new tab button right on the tab bar and I immediately removed the add-on which does the same thing, the Mozilla guys are quite learning from the third-party addons. I had a deja-vu and thought firefox already had this but it was Internet Explorer 7 which reminded me of the similarity or am I wrong?. Firefox should incorporate mouse gestures also which Opera started and is having since ages. Another new feature includes location-aware browsing which I am not so bothered to test.

The new version is faster and improved and worth the upgrade, but many of my addons are not working now, waiting for their latest updates!
Get the latest firefox from here.

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