Chrome – Simple and Fast Browser

Chrome - Simple and Fast Browser

Google’s Chrome is a simple and sleek tabbed t:browser released this week, the main highlight of it is that each tab is a separate process, and if one tab crashes it does not affect the other tabs. And hence it has got its own task manager which shows the resources used by each tab including process, memory and network properties.

A stats for nerds link is seen in the screenshot below, clicking on it takes you to the about:t:memory page and shows detailed memory usage of any browser running be it Firefox or IE.

Chrome - Simple and Fast Browser

Some Cool features of Chrome:

  • Chrome has the ability to drag tabs to new windows and move tabs across windows, this is the best feature which I liked so far in terms of user interface.
  • The default home tab shows 9 most visited pages, sites you search on most, recently bookmarked and recently closed tabs for that session.
  • The navbar is called ombibox which provides suggestions as you type.
  • A new feature called Incognito is a privacy feature in which you can browse sites without saving any trace of having visited that site in the PC.
  • Pop-ups cannot be forced in chrome.
  • A security feature called Sandboxing protects users from malware and phishing.

Chrome is still a new browser and security flaws are already being discovered. My chrome has just been updated to version from today.
Anyone who would like to share some unknown feature or function of Chrome are welcome. Waiting for some hidden easter eggs to be discovered :).

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