Juicy J – On & On Lyrics

[Snippet] [Chorus: Tory Lanez (Juicy J)] Did I forget to mention?
The way that you twistin’ and movin’ your body got me on and then some
I’d probably do it, I know that you probably movin’ on and on and on and on
On and on and on and on
You’re probably moving on and on and on and on
DJ playin’ your song (Yeah hoe!)[Verse 1: Juicy J] Nigga, I’m on one, I’m on that
She on me, she want that
Communicate on a high level
Them pussy lips, talk back
Fucking on a Xan, we don’t need a bed
Make a mess when you give me head
Slob on my knob like a chicken head
Talk dirty to it, she like what I say
One more shot for the bitches
Two more shots for the hoes
Beat it up like evander
‘Till you knocked out cold
I’m in her mouth like a toothbrush
Hit it from the back ’till I touch her soul (You know it)
You’re just tryna get it and I’m tryna block ’cause I know you [??]
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