History and origin of Google chrome logo

Every small and big companies or organizations
now-a-days have their own logo and a tagline, this is very important to
them to be identified by the world and so that people could remember
them whenever they see the logo. Similarly, Google the search engine
giant has its kind of logos which has a very interesting history.

Do you know? t:Google was started in 1996 by two t:PH.D students as their research project.

Every product of Google has a different logo or Icon which represents
the work of the product. Google chrome, analytics, Gmail, YouTube etc
are some of them known popularly. Among them Google Chrome browser is
the one which we should know.

History and Origin of Google Chrome logo

The history and origin of Google chrome logo was begun in 1998, which is
simple 2D design and since then they had made many changes to it. After
few years a standard logo was set. In 2011, they had changed their
design to 3D which then grabbed everyone’s attention.

Do you know? The first logo of Google chrome browser was like t:Yahoo logo. Later they changed it.

When the design was completed, it has many rumors saying that logo was
like Poke man, Microsoft etc. But it is not true. It was taken from
Google’s home page. The colors red, green, yellow, blue are extracted
from each letter which is illustrated better in below image.

Logo of Google Chrome

You might see some special logo designs of Google on special days to
represent the importance of that day those are called ‘Google Doodles’. I
wrote a post on History of Doodles you can find more about this topic there.