Maurice Moore – Brave / Time Travelling Lyrics

[Part I: Brave] What does it take to be a real man?
Something I’m trying to understand, understand
My daddy never taught me how to treat a lady
Busy cheating on mama and making babies (Oh no)

They ask me why my feelings don’t show
Hold it in until it all blows
Ask me who I am, I don’t know
And I know that life ain’t fair
I know wrong from right (Oh)
But somehow with no one to be my light
I can be brave

Verse 2:

What does it take to be real man?
I’m think I’m starting to understand, understand
A real man is always kind
A real man knows when to fight
A real man is brave enough to cry
My mama tried to raise me right
And she did one hell of a thing
She told me my light is inside
And now I know how to be brave

[Outro] Woo, woo
Woo, woo
Oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh yeah
And now I know how to live my life so
I will be brave
I’ma be brave, I’ma be brave, I’ma be brave
I’ma be brave[Interlude] Yo LaGuil is it still recording?
Yo put on like any beat bro
I’m just, I don’t know I, I
I got some shit I wanna get off my chest
Play anything bro, literally anything[Part II: Time Travelling] [Intro] Yeah
First take, huh[Verse] Yeah
Lately it’s like my higher self is long gone
Routine got me feelin’ like a moron
Niggas is 19 feelin’ like I should retire
Combine that with all these people that drain me
Asking for favors and finding ways they can claim me
But y’all wasn’t with me back when I was wasting
Away in my basement
Feeling like a slave and radio wouldn’t play me
It’s crazy dawg
I’m livin’ the life that values likes over what’s in your heart
Been vapin’ lots
I heard that smoke shit can cloud your thoughts
And that’s the last thing I need
A year ago I thought I’d never try hittin’ some weed
But even though I only vape
A nigga still get high
And when my mind is in the sky
I start to think like a child
It’s really medicine
Got me thinkin’ like “Oh wow, who invented this?”
Music really make me feel I got no friends in this world
I’m lookin’ right at my girl
And wondering if we could ever truly be together
Cause my goals is on Gretzky in ’84
I’m just tryna score
Being the greatest means there isn’t much time for girls
Despite how much I love her, I could never meet her needs
And she’ll always want my time but now I’m the league
And yo I’m always tryna to be the number one
And I’ll sit in this fuckin’ studio until that shit is done
I’m so over, being under-rated
I’m the greatest this some shit they’ll play in 10 years
And say “It’s crazy, he predicted all of his success from mama’s basement”
In Ottawa, a city never talked about it
Now I’m really on some Hall of Fame shit
Alright nigga
I time travel sometimes
It’s my lil’ secret
Put your money on me now
In 10 years you’ll need
Time travelling[Outro] First take, nigga
It’s my lil’ secret
Put your money on me now, you’ll need
Time travelling
Who you know do that all shit in one take bro?
I’m nice
Mans are nice out here dawg

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