Icarus The Owl – Coma Dreams Lyrics

We’re on our own planet. We’ve got the world standing on their feet when you’re next to me
I’ve looked inside, darling, and all I see coming is you and me, inseparably

Everyone’s irrelevant, my tunnel visions kicking in; you are all I’m seeing
Lighting fires on the sand, if only for the weekend; I live for these moments

They laid us down, awaiting reaction, bleeding from our heads
The tired wheels avoided attraction. Put her back to bed, so we can keep dreaming

No one has to be the strong one, just let us slip into our sleep
Can’t you see we’re happy as can be?
Our brains are swollen in our skulls, but please, just give us life support, cross our wires, and walk away for good

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You have erased me and I knew I’d find you again, beckoning, to run away with you
My padded wall saga, are we the clouds above us, shape shifting in an endless sleep?

I’m convinced you’re a figment of my mind; a coma dream posing as real life
We’re a bond that cannot break. I have no will to wake up today
Let’s make a break for the hills of Germany
My shields were down and you crashed right into me. Beautiful sparks collide
Nothing matters but you and I

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