Android phones ‘betray’ user location

Android phones 'betray' user location
A majority of Android t:smartphones
collect location data and send it back to t:Google, even when location
services are switched off.

News website t:Quartz reported Android phones gathered information about nearby t:mobile phone masts and shared those details with Google.
One t:privacy advocate described the finding as a “t:betrayal” of users.
Google told Quartz the information was never stored and it said t:Android would be updated to stop the practice.
issue affected Android phones with Google Play Services running in the
background. Google Play Services are required to access many of the
search giant’s apps and the framework is pre-installed on a majority of
Android smartphones targeted at consumers.
Quartz found that the
smartphones were scooping up phone mast addresses – a string of data
used to identify individual masts – and sending them back to Google.
The data could be used to work out a person’s position.
phones did so even when location services were switched off in the
settings menu and even when there was no Sim card in the phone.
There was no option to disable the practice.


said it had been collecting the tower addresses for 11 months “as an
additional signal to further improve the speed and performance of
message delivery”.
“We never incorporated t:Cell t:ID into our network sync system, so that data was immediately discarded,” it said in a statement.
rights group Privacy International said the finding showed people had
“little control” over what smartphones did in the background.
“When we buy a smartphone, we don’t expect it to betray us,” said t:Millie Graham Wood, a solicitor for Privacyt: International.
Google states in this instance it will stop the practice, this raises
the question of what else it is doing beyond the knowledge of the user,
and why.”

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