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Opera Mini updates are usually a good thing. They include bug fixes
and often, new features. But for a few users, usually with old
or obscure phones, the new version doesn’t work as well as the old one
or work at all. On the Opera Mini User forum there is a recurrent theme of users, trying a released version and insisting that one of older ones, was better.
There’s a sticky post on the forum with links to some old versions but it’s far from complete and doesn’t include beta versions or signed ones.
I can understand Opera wanting users to be on the latest version, but
when that version doesn’t work it’s nice to have the option to roll
back to an older one.  I’ve gathered up all the Opera Mini 5 versions
I’ve been able to find and linked to them below.
These are all English language versions.  Java phone users should try the JAD link first and if it doesn’t work try the JAR.
If you get an expired certificate error installing one of the signed
versions, try setting your phone’s date back a year or two. Be sure to
set the date back to the current one before trying to run Opera Mini to
avoid getting a “Verification of server certificate” error.
The ZIP files are for use with BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
Opera Mini 7.0 (30567)
Signed (multiple certificates): JAD JAR
Opera Mini 7.0 (29915)
Unsigned JAD JAR
Opera Mini Next (7.0 Beta 28870)
Unsigned JAD JAR
Opera Mini 6.5  (26955)
Unsigned JAD JAR
Opera Mini 6.1  (25378)
Unsigned JAD JAR
Opera Mini 6.0 (24093)
Unsigned JAD JAR
Opera Mini 5.1 (21051)
Unsigned JAD JAR
Opera Mini 5.0 (19693)
Unsigned: JAD JAR
Opera Mini 5.0 (18635)
Unsigned JAD JAR
Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 (17443)
Unsigned: JAD, JAR
Signed (multiple certificates) JAD JAR
BlackBerry OS 4.2 ZIP
BlackBerry OS 4.3-4.6 ZIP
BlackBerry OS 4.7-5.0 ZIP
Opera Mini 5 Beta 1 (15650)
Unsigned: JADJAR
BlackBerry OS 4.2 ZIP
BlackBerry OS 4.3-4.6 ZIP
BlackBerry OS 4.7-5.0 ZIP
Opera Mini 4.4 (29476)
Unsigned: jad jar
Opera Mini 4.4 (26736)
Unsigned JAD JAR
BlackBerry OS 4.2 ZIP
Opera Mini 4.3 (24214)
Unsigned JAD JAR
BlackBerry OS 4.2 ZIP
PalmOS 5 PRC To run this you need to first install the Palm JVM
Opera Mini 4.2 Beta 1(13057)
Signed (multiple certificates).jad .jar
Unsigned .jad .jar
Opera Mini 4.1 (11355)
Unsigned .jad .jar
Opera Mini 4.1 Beta 1 (10781)
Unsigned .jad .jar
Opera Mini 4.0 (9800)
Unsigned .jad .jar
Opera Mini4.0 Beta 3 (9461)
Unsigned  .jad .jar
Opera Mini 4.0 Beta 2 (8993)
Unsigned .jad .jar
Opera Mini 4.0 Beta 1 (8462)
Unsigned .jad .jar
Opera Mini 3.1 (10423)
Unsigned JAD JAR
I don’t have the other signed Java versions or OTA files for
BlackBerrys. If and when I find them I will post them here.  If any
readers have copies of the missing versions and are willing to share
them, please leave a comment.

Download now (quick server)
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