Apple Iphone X Face ID Fooled And Bypassed By Security Firm Using A Face Mask

Last year, Apple pulled a big one on thier fans when they removed the 3.5mm audio earphone jack from their iPhone 7 smartphone. Although that came with a lot of critics, many iPhone users finally got used to it and even some android brands surprisingly joined in the trend.

Now iPhone decided to go a step further by scrapping the Fingerprint Sensor (FPS) on their latest iPhone X, replacing it with a Face ID scanner. As expected, that didn’t go down well with a lot of iPhone users as a lot of people questioned the level of security but Apple claims that Face ID is so secure that the odds of a random person using their face to break into someone’s iPhone X is one in one million.

Now it seems like a security firm has been able to defeat the new Face ID scanner on the new iPhone X with a mask. According to the security firm which is known Bkav, they claim to understand how AI works on Face ID and was able to bypass the feature and trick it. 
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