How To Use Command Prompt As A Geek

hey geeks, i want to share some basic command prompt tips to you, command prompt is very easy to use just like Terminal in linux, once you know how to make use of it, it’s some how easy than the GUI :), but here am going to show you how to Use Command Prompt As A Geek.
I wrote a post earlier on three ways on how to check your computer information but i didn’t included how to check it using Command Prompt (CMD), but  you can as well now check your Computer/System information using command prompt.

How To Check Computer/System Information Using Command Prompt (CMD)

– Open Run using (Windows + R) and type cmd Or Open Command Prompt
– And type systeminfo , you should see all your computer information.

How To Check Computer Tasklist Using Command Prompt (CMD)

– To check your computer tasklist, you know you can do that by using (Ctrl + Shift + Esc Key) And then you will see the tasklist of your computer, but you can as well do it with CMD.
– Just type tasklist and you will see, to see all task related to each program type tasklist -v

How To Check Website DNS Using Command Prompt (CMD)

– You don’t need to check a website for you to look for a website Domain Name Server (DNS),
– Type nslookup in cmd, Then type set type=ns and enter the website to look for the DNS
– There are still alots of command prompt which i would like to share more, As time goes on i will updating this list.
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