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How To Allow/Restrict Data For App On Android Phone

am writing on a Free App called AfWall or Android firewall, it’s a great tool/utility for every rooted Android user, This is a solution for those who don’t have Unlimited Data Plan to browse on their Android phone, as you know whenever you switch on your Mobile Data or Wifi there are some Apps that will keep updating itself in background also like Facebook, Twitter etc and we also have Playstore and other Apps which needs to update frequently in other to stay updated, Unlike iOS users where Apple included in the settings where you can mark or unmark which App you want it to access your Mobile Data.
So this Afwall do the same, When you mark the App you want to access the Mobile Data only those Apps will Access it, others will do as if the phone is not connected to internet.

How To Allow/Restrict Data For App On Android Phone

Note:- You Must Be Rooted First
– Download The App From Playstore Here
– Install And Open The App
– You can see those Apps marked in this screenshot below are Mobile Data Network
How To Allow/Restrict Data For App On Android Phone
– Then you can use the search icon or scroll down and mark (NTP) – Internet Time Servers & (Tethering) – DHCP + DNS Services
– Then you can mark any App you want to access internet only. And Apply :/e
– But to allow all Apps to access your internet, Just Disabled The Firewall.

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