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Register Free SubDomain .CU.CC

Key Facts

Suffix .cu.cc
Editor’s Rating 4.11
User Rating (4.00 based on 6 votes)
Is Active yes
Years in service 6
Is GeoTargetable yes
Is Indexed in Google yes
Is TLD no
Supports IDN yes
Free Domains unlimited
Country Cocos Islands 
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CU.CC is a relatively new free sub-domain provider, but the website corresponds to the likes of CZ.CC (now UNI.ME) and CO.TV (now defunct). It runs on DNSeed script.
The “site:cu.cc” Google query for CU.CC returns zero spam results, possibly also due to their 24-hour abuse report response policy, which is important if you don’t want your website marked as in bad domain neighborhood.
While it’s still fresh and climbing through the ranks, a newcommer like CU.CC might be a reasonable alternative now that the more established free subdomain provider like CO.CC went down. The owner is a friendly young chap called Mike, and he will ensure your website remains live for as long as you keep it. We’re also fairly confident he has ties with the infamous Byethost.
They also run an affiliate program so you can recommend the free domain service to your friends and earn $0.15 per qualified signup.

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