how to get free domain on

Hello guys, happy Sunday. today i want to teach you how to get free domain from – Mobile site builder.
this is not actually a trick or a strange or new that any site builder, Blog builders, Wap builders forum builders offers their users free domain (Sub Domain) io.e,

The advantages of all this sub domain offered by all these site builders is that there is easy search engine optimization (SEO) because the domain authority and back link is very high due to the fact that many users using them

the disadvantages is that its not easy to determine your traffic Using Alexa ranking and people may look down on your website that you are not even capable of buying a domain. thats the main reason why I created this post.

Now back to Wapego, If you don’t know is a powerful wap builder with plenty functions like PHP and twig support, forum, guest book, shout box, file exchange, blog system e.t.c but most users used it to create social media website that looks just like facebook not knowing that  it has a powerful downloading system just like wapka very rich just like the one i created few years ago on wapego You can check the similarities and differences between wapka and Wapego here.
without wasting time their are several domain extension of wapego i.e, e.t.c. But the best sub domain that you should use is which is second level domain just (SLD) like using it, alexa will be able to view your website traffic like normal top level domain (.com) what are you waiting for?, 

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