Happy birthday Ilesanmi olawale (CEO at techsable)

Oct 29 is owned by a world changer

Today is the birthday of techsable CEO and as for me birthday is a very special every every year, birthday is capable of making us happy and celebrated as every one call it your day.

So thats why i created this post just to wish him more of it on earth since his my good friend and biggest technology blog partner so you guy should celebrate with us. I and this guy are always together at computer center he was busy writing his blog script while I was busy blogging.
I thank God Today Oct 29,  he launches the website called  techsable.xyz 
He said further via his new blog tha

“I love my birthday more than my wedding day.
Yes dont be surprise i said it if there is no birthday there wont be a wedding day.
The Holy bible said counting our days add more to our wisdom and knowledge.

Download now (quick server)

My own Present for my Birthday 

It as also
been my dream to launch a website on my birthday but this year 2017 my dream came true techsable.xyz is my the gift i gave to my self.
It tok me months to programme Techsable whish happens to be te first website i successfully programmed and uploaded.
Techsable will be one of the greatest birthday gift i will ever give to myself i can’t proof that now until i start updating it to high versions.”

Photos Of  Ilesanmi olawale

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