How To Temporarily Block or Disable a Website on your Computer

Imagine how quickly you can complete a task if you manage to stay focused while you work on the task you have to do in the next few hours or so. But the endless stream of new content that come from social websites like Twitter,  Facebook, Google+, YouTube and other addictive websites can easily distract you from your work and before you know it, much of your precious time is lost.
If you’re having a difficult time staying focused to your work or even desire to block a certain website on your child’s computer, try out Cold Turkey. Currently a windows only application that will help you temporarily block any website on your computer.
The process is dead easy. Simply choose from the list of popular websites or enter your own and set the time duration for which you wish to keep the sites blocked.
Now you have no choice but to work. Every time you try and access any of the defined sites, your browser will return an error message until the allotted time has passed.

Download Cold Turkey

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