How to Create Shortcuts for Texts & Signatures to Save Time in Google Chrome

This is nice. A really handy Google Chrome extension for you if you frequently use both long or short standard phrases, while you write emails, letters or anything online using Google Chrome.
Popchrom lets you create custom abbreviations for words and phrases which you can expand to the actual word when you hit Ctrl + Spacebar or any other key combination that you assign for it in the extension settings.
To setup words or phrases that you want to create shortcuts for, just go to the extension options and type in the abbreviation followed by the actual text and save.
It works for any page that has a text input field. The extension icon will appear in the chrome address bar whenever it detects a text field. When you type in the shortcut and press Ctrl+Spacebar, the abbreviated word will change to the actual phrase or sentence.
Install Popchrom extension
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