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DJ Cuppy Biography- Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Father Awards

DJ Cuppy Biography- Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Father  Awards news hits awards, norminations, car

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola better known as DJ Cuppy, is one of the most popular and most sought after Nigerian Dj and music producer and the daughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola (oil magnate and philanthropist).
She is a top Nigerian music producer who obtained her a masters course in ‘Music Business’ in New York City University. Despite all the wealth her father has amassed all these years, DJ Cuppy prefer to carve her own niche in the Nigeria Entertainment Industry.

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, a.k.a DJ CUPPY, was born in November 11, 1992 and hails from Ibadan Oyo state , she is the daughter of one the richest men in Nigeria oil magnate and philanthropist called Femi Otedola. She was born with a silver spoon and has never tasteed stress and suffering all her life because she could get every thing she ever wanted with the snap of her fingers . Femi Otedola is a respected man in Nigerian with a high profile and could effortlessly afford to get his daughter anything that money can buy.
DJ Cuppy resided in Ilupeju for 6 good years before she located to Ikeja. After staying Ikeja for couple of years, she then moved to London for her GCSE’s and A-Levels. The ace Nigerian Disc Jockey attended King’s College London in July 2014 and left the school with a degree in Business and Economics. And then attended New York University where she completed her Master’s Degree in Music Business, and currently based in London. DJ Cuppy had passion for music right from her early days and decided to follow her dreams to becoming a big fish among Nigeria Djs. Meanwhile, she started djing at the age of 16. As a child, she loved and still loves ‘Cupcakes’, hence her name ‘Dj Cuppy.
She officially started her career as a dj playing the piano when she was only 7 years old, that was when she started nurturing and preparing herself for the future adventure. She was born and brought up in Lagos state , as a child growing up , she had that gift of music in her and just couldn’t stop singing and obsessing over Fela songs especially.
DJ Cuppy has three siblings namely Christine Oluwnmi, Elizabeth Temi and Fewa Otedola, her younger sister, Temi, is a style blogger and aspiring designer. She has been in this entertainment scene for couple of years and has been performing since 2013, she has also released a mix tape compilation of the hottest Afro-beat music called ‘House of Cuppy,’ in July 2014.
In March 2015, DJ Cuppy became the official DJ for the 2015 Oil Barons Charity in Dubai, and the first African act to have ever performed at the event and an intern at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. She is the current tourism ambassador for the country’s “Fascinating Nigeria” campaign and was appointed by Nigeria’s Minister of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation (Edem Duke) in April 2014.

Career Inception And Life

DJ Cuppy launched into her dj career at 16 in London, as a newbie in the hustle she bought some second-hand equipment and playing in clubs just to make sure she get very use to it and become famous some day. In 2014, she was the resident DJ at the MTV Africa Music Awards in Durban. She then played at the Tatler and Christie’s Art Ball in London and the Financial Times Luxury Summit in Mexico City.
On September 2, DJ Cuppy had a launch for House of Cuppy in New York City , 2014 where she recently moved. Also in 2014 she launched Red Velvet Music Group, a music management and content production business. In January 2015, she was featured on the cover of the Guardian Life as a new generation African woman. She was featured in the 2015 April/May issue of Forbes Woman Africa.

Tourism Ambassador

In April 2014, DJ Cuppy was appointed by Nigeria’s Minister of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation (Edem Duke) as the tourism ambassador for the country’s “Fascinating Nigeria” campaign

DJ Cuppy Net Worth

We are all aware that DJ Cuppy’s father is a billionaire, but the inheritance is yet to be passed on to members of the Otedola’s family so, all DJ Cuppy has got is from her personal efforts. She is not the only person in their family as other persons are also there the likes of Christine Oluwnmi, Fewa Otedola and Elizabeth Temi a style blogger and aspiring designer.
DJ Cuppy is only getting money from her career at this time and she is not involved in her father business but into entertainment business only. She owns her own entertainment company called Red Velvet Music Group, a music management and content production business. She is currently doing fine in her entertainment business and her net worth is estimated to be $200 thousand as of year 2017.

DJ Cuppy Boyfriend

Femi Otedola’s beautiful daughter is currently in a relationship with the former West Brom player, Victor Anichebe.

DJ Cuppy Age

She was born in 1992. Therefore she is currently 25 years old

DJ Cuppy Nominations

Nominated – ELOY Awards – Female DJ – 2014 Nominated – ELOY Awards – Female DJ – 2014
Won – NEA Awards – Best Female DJ – 2015

DJ Cuppy Father

She is the daughter of Nigerian billionaire, oil mogul and philantropist — Femi Otedola.

Why I shunned business to become DJ – Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola

In one of her interview with Weekend Magazine, see what she revealed
Did you always want to be a DJ?
Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola: Not particularly but I have always wanted to be involved in music. I believe I was born with a passion for music.
What inspired you to become one?
Otedola: Generally speaking, my parents inspired me to chase my dreams. Both my mother and father are go-getters! They don’t see anything as a challenge and strive to be the best in what they do. This is the model I am and will continue to follow in my career.
How did your parents welcome the idea that you wanted to become a DJ despite being from an influential family?
Otedola: I am lucky to have the most supportive parents ever! They had lots of advice for me and encouraged me to do what I loved. One thing they kept ringing into my ears was ‘anything worth doing is worth doing well.’ So this way I have no choice but to succeed in my chosen career path.
What are the challenges of being a female DJ?
Otedola: Probably, people criticising you and assuming that you are not a good DJ because you are not a man.
Where and how did your stage name ‘Cuppy’ come about?
Otedola: Haha… ‘Cuppy’ was derived from ‘Cupcakes.’ I have a thing for cupcakes and I actually used to be called ‘DJ Cupcake’ but I thought ‘Cuppy’ sounded more grown up and decided to change it. That was how Cuppy came to be.

DJ Cupid Talks About What It Feels To Be The Daughter Of A Billionaire

During the hour long interview, DJ Cuppy spoke on her privileged background, and it’s perceived advantages.
“With this so called background I have, it’s something I have not always been associated with. When I was born, my dad works in oil, he did not own his company. He started about 15 years ago. It took a while for him to develop it. I grew up in the mainland. In Lagos you have different areas so the island is where I guess you there’s a higher income, and the mainland is where there isn’t” said DJ Cuppy, daughter to the oil tycoon Femi Otedola.
“So I grew up moving around so for me I grew up knowing there is a value to money, and hard work is very important, which is clear with what i am doing with my own life as well. I think nothing is deserved, things are earned” she further said.
There you have the complete Biography of DJ Cupid

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