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How To Open A Verified Paypal Account In Nigeria Using Bank Atm Card

Do you know that you can now open PayPal
account in Nigeria and verify it using
your bank ATM card without using any
usual back door style again?
Few months ago PayPal decided to consider
and decided to add Nigeria to their list of
supported countries that can use PayPal,
which means you don�t need any old back
door ways to open and run PayPal account
as a Nigerian.
First what is PayPal?
PayPal is an international e-commerce
business that allows you to securely receive
and transfer money through the internet
(Online Transactions).
With PayPal you can easily buy or receive
payments through the internet unlike our
tradition ways such as checks and money
What is back door?
You may not understand what I mean by
back door but am sure that some people will
understand it especially those who opened
or tried to open PayPal account through
third parties such as old liberty reserved
style, proxy hider and changer software etc.
Initially the only way to open an own a
verified PayPal account in Nigeria is through
back door you need software that can hide
or change your location so that you can
appear to be in one of the supported
countries or by address forgeries but the
good news now is that you don�t need all
that again to open and run a verified PayPal
account in Nigeria because PayPal have
officially added Nigeria to their list of
supported countries as you can see on the
image below.
How to open and verify your PayPal
account In Nigeria the easy way
Am happy to tell you that you can open and
operate Verified PayPal account in Nigeria
easily and safely without any form of fear of
your account being blocked if there is no
cost for alarm.
To open PayPal account in Nigeria kindly
visit www.paypal.com and click register to fill
in your personal details accordingly.
Note: Make sure you fill the online form
with your original details because you will
still need to verify your account with your
Bank Visa or MasterCard
How to Verify Your PayPal account in Nigeria
using your Bank ATM Visa card or
After opening your PayPal account you need
to verify your account to remove some
restrictions that might hinder you from
having full access to your PayPal account.
To verify your PayPal account in Nigeria you
need a valid Visa card or MasterCard, I
mean your ATM CARD if it is written Visa or
MasterCard on the back cover not VERVE
The Ecobank Verve card cannot be used to
verify your PayPal account at least for now
because PayPal don�t allow verve cards for

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