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How to purchase an already taken Web domain

You’ve found a domain name you want, but it’s already owned by someone. Here’s  the solutions that can help. First you will need to purchase a DomainAgents credit for $19.95 and identify the domain name you are interested in acquiring. They will then use all of their resources to contact the domain name owner and present the offer on your behalf.

Once the owner has engaged, DomainAgents lets you manage your own negotiation via their platform. You can trade counter offers with the owner until you reach an agreement. You don’t need to buy an additional credit to make a counter offer.

They will make sure the negotiation goes as
smoothly as possible. If an agreement is reached, they will facilitate the transfer of the domain and money via Escrow.com. Escrow fees and a 10% commission are paid by the buyer. The commission rate slides on
domains purchased for more than $10,000.

Get started!
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