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Download and Install Tstv Africa Android App here

watch tstv on android mobile

tstv for mobile phone

Get information about TStv, get up to date with your favorite programs, highlights and schedules.
View TStv channels list and download trailers and watch sport highlights at your comfort.

This TStv app give you access to all information you need about your TStv subscription and allows you to manage your subscription while on the go.

-Self care options to clear errors, reset your account,
pause/resume your subscriptions.

-Get notified when your favorite program starts.

-Manage your account information, renew subscriptions, view account balance, etc.

-Watch live TV without rushing home and never miss your favorite programs.

Download/Install Tstv Africa Android App.apk

Support Email: support@tstvafrica.com

Website: www.tstvafrica.com

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