Upload file from URL to Google Drive – IFTTT

Upload file from URL to Google Drive - IFTTT

Hi guys, today i gat a verry interesting tutorial for you guys how to upload via url to google drive.

What is google drive?

google drive is an online storage where you can save your important documents. Its powered by google.

If you have gmail account, automaticaly you have 15GB in google drive. Some bloggers made huge mistakes by uploading their document to untrusted cloud storage which inventualy went offline with their datas.

Don’t argue this: google drive is much more trusted than any other cloud storage because you can upload any file extension and your DOCS Is Safe!
I Posted
How to upload music videos and apps to blogspot.com using google drive few months ago but today I wanna teach you guys

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how to upload via url to google drive via IFTTT


IFTTT Recipe is triggered by email Step1: Login or register at ifttt.com with your gmail account > step2: after you are logged in at ifttt.com, click here to activate the applet > step3use another email to send message to your gmail Step4: compose a mail with subject ‘to drive’. Step5: You must provide a link to the file you want to upload to Google Drive in the email body and nothing else.

You can add multiple of these altering subject to something like ‘to videos’, ‘to documents’, ‘to pictures’ etc and setting the Google Drive folder paths accordingly. Disclaimer:
this recipe will be triggered by ANY email with the ‘to drive’ subject, even if it’s not from your email address!


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