Airtel Monthly Social Bundle Plan(1gb For 300 Naira)

Did you know that most of our data is been consumed by Social networks? We all love spending most of our time on a social network like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, and 2go.

Airtel Monthly Social Bundle Plan(1gb For 300Naira)

The other day. I have about 500MB of data on my smartphone and after spending some few hours on facebook I decided to check my data balance.
Lo and behold it is 0MB remaining.

I was like how manage. Is like Airtel has started wiping data anyhow again. Maybe is because of this their new promo they called do anyhow. But trust me, they can’t do anyhow with my hard earned data. So I decided to use one tricks on them.

Normally my monthly subscription on my smartphone is 5GB of data for 2,500 Naira. Using this trick save me 1,200 Naira on Airtel data subscription.

Let me explain

Now instead of subscribing for the 5GB of data, I will just go for 1.5GB for 1,000 Naira and then subscribed for the social plan with 300 Naira for 1GB that will last for 25 days.
Airtel Monthly Social Bundle Plan(1gb For 300Naira)

You see… Now I have a balance of 1,200 Naira left.

This Airtel social bundle will save you a lot of data especially those that love watching videos on Facebook or love sending videos and receiving them on WhatsApp. Above all this is just perfect for WhatsApp voice and video call. What do you think?

The subscription code.

For social plus. This plan includes opera. This means you can browse with it using opera mini browser.
For 100 Naira you get 50MB that will last for 7 days. The code is *885*2#.

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For monthly subscription on the social plus plan. 300 Naira for 250MB that will last for 25 days. The code is *885*1#.

For WhatsApp monthly plan. 80MB for 200 Naira. The code is *990#.

The latest plan am using is 300 Naira for 1GB. some people don’t know about this plan yet. Just today I called customer care to get the code for the plan and he told me that the plan is not available. Something I just subscribed now.
The plan has been included on their social bundle. So follow this simple step to subscribe for it.
Dial *141#, Now choose 3 for the social plan.
Then choose 1 for an unlimited plan.
And another 1 to proceed. That’s all.

Airtel Monthly Social Bundle Plan(1gb For 300Naira)

Did you know? Instagram top among the social network that consumes data a lot. Just give this Airtel social bundle plan a try.