why xtgem is down? see answer

xtgem wapbuilder offline

Hi guys we all know that xtgem one of the best mobile wapbuilder went offline since August 28 going to two months now.

I really feel sorry for all xtgem users including me because i have some inportant files on it which i pray they come back online soon.

Through my findings i gathered reason why they went offline without notice. xtgem.com went offline because they are moving their datas including our files and documents to another server.

This process may take them few month meanwhile they have used upto two months already which i guess they will be back soon according to what they have on their homepage (xtgem.com).

I Prayertitus don’t want you guys to stay idle till xtgem is back. Checkout xtgem alternatives and continue your web carrier.

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