Tips On How To Charge Your Phone or Tablet Faster

times when your phone or tablet battery is very low and you’re charging
and the same time using the phone or table while the battery is very
low can damage your phone or tablet battery because it will keep on
dropping as time goes on. Instead you can just give it some minutes
while it charge faster and you keep on doing your work while the phone
or tablet is charging. Here am going to explain tips on how to charge
your phone or tablet faster.

Don’t Charge Your Phone Or Tablet From Computer USB Or DVD USB

Don’t charge your phone or tablet from computer usb or any other usb
which isn’t connected to direct power supply. Because your computer is
receiving power source from the electricity and charging while your
phone or tablet also receiving power from that same computer also. It
gonna slow down.
mac phone charging

Use Charger That Comes With Your Phone Or Tablet

Don’t use any other charger rather than the charger that comes with
your phone or tablet, or if you misplaces the one that comes with it,
try and purchase another one or get a more powerful one. Check the Watt
of your charger and compare it with the one you’re going to use for your
phone or tablet.
iphone charger

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Use Original USB Cable

Use the original usb cable that comes with your phone or tablet,
don’t use any other cable less than that or try and getting a good one, I
guess once you see a good usb cable you should be able to identify it?
if not then you can comment while i tell you.
iphone usb cable

You Can Put Your Phone Or Tablet In Airplane Mode Or Switch It Off

one of the best method to charge your phone or tablet daster is by
putting it in Airplane mode or Switching it off, once you do that
immediately your phone will start charging faster because it won’t
receive signal like carrier network or internet and keeps draining the

iphone airplane

Drop Down Your Phone For A While

drop iphone
If you still want to use the phone while charging all you’ve to do is
drop it down for some minutes before you keep on using it, That’s one of
the method i used for charging my phone and immediately my battery will
almost reached average depending on the percentage of the battery
before i start charging it.

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